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Intra-Company Transferee

Current Status Program:

Program Overview:

The Intra-Company Transferee Work Permit allows eligible employees to apply for work permits to work for a multi-national company affiliated with a branch of the same multinational company in Canada.


Key Highlights About the Program

The intra-company transferee category comprises business persons employed by a company in another country that seeks to render services to one of the parent entities, a subsidiary, an affiliate in Canada. The business person must be doing work as an executive, a manager, or a specialist.

The Intra-Company Transferee Work Permit does not require a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA).

The Intra-Company Transferees work permit is issued a maximum of seven years for executives and senior managers and five years for specialized knowledge workers.

After one year of working in Canada, the applicant may use the Canadian work experience to apply for permanent residence under the Express Entry program.

Program Eligibility Requirements
  • The applicant must be currently employed by the multi-national company and must be seeking entry to work in the parent, subsidiary, branch, or affiliate of the organization.
  • The organization in Canada must have a qualifying relationship with the company in which the applicant is currently employed, and will be undertaking employment at a legitimate and continuing establishment of that company.
  • The applicant must be transferred to an executive, senior managerial, or specialized knowledge capacity.
  • The applicant must have been employed continuously by the company that plans to transfer them in a similar full-time position for at least one year in the three years immediately preceding the initial application’s date.
  • The applicant must be coming to Canada for a temporary period only.
  • The applicant must comply with all immigration requirements for temporary entry.
Program Specific Data Analysis

Inter-Company Transferee by Province 2016 - 2019

Data Source Person Count by landing year-Province by component description TR-IMP Program Open Data

Transition From Work Permit Holder to Permanent Residence in 2016 - 2019

Data Source: 2020 Annual Immigration Report & 2019 Annual Immigration Report

Key Candidates for the Program

Key candidates are applicants in executive, senior managerial positions, or those with specialized knowledge capacity.

Step by Step Process
Step 1

Gather your documents:

Use the document checklist to gather all the required documents for your intra-company transferee work permit application. Document checklist for outside of Canada work permit and Document checklist for inside Canada work permit.

Step 1
Step 2

Fill out the forms:

Read the instruction guide carefully before filling out all the required forms. Ensure the forms are complete and accurate. You must sign and date the application forms. Follow the links for more information Instruction guide for open work permit inside Canada and Instruction guide for an open work permit outside Canada

Step 2
Step 3

Pay the fees:

The necessary fees must be paid before submitting your application. There is usually an application processing fee, an open work permit holder fee, and a biometric fee. See the breakdown of the fees.

Step 3
Step 4

Submit your application:

After completing the above steps, the next step is to submit your application either online or at a Visa application centres (VACs)

Step 4

Apply Now!

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There are two methods of applying for the intra-company transferee work permit. You can either apply online or submit a paper-based application at a visa application center in your Country. It is also possible to apply at the port of entry, depending on your country of citizenship.


To make an online application, you will be required to complete the necessary form, validate, print, sign, and upload the forms and the supporting documents. To successfully submit an online application, you need the following:

  • A scanner or camera to scan or capture the electronic copies of all your supporting documents which must be uploaded,
  • A valid credit card to make payment online

The first step will be required to create an account online. Follow this link to create an account online.

Once the account has been created, you will start an application for an intra-company transferee work permit by answering some questions. The answers you provide to these questions will be used to create a personalized document checklist for you.

Submit your application, upload all your supporting documents, and make payment for your application online. You can use your online account to get messages related to your application, check your application status, and update your information if necessary.


To submit a paper-based application, applicants must read the instruction guide to get all the details to apply on paper. Complete all your forms and gather all your supporting documents. Visit a Visa application center (VACs) to submit your paper application. The service fee charged by VAC differs from one country to another. Follow this link to find out about VAC in your country. Read the instruction to apply on paper (In Canada applicants) and instruction to apply on paper (Outside Canada applicants).

Payment of fees:

The fees you have to pay to the government include your application processing fee of $155 for one individual and an open work permit holder fee of $100. You Might need to pay other third-party fees directly to the third party depending on your situation, including the Visa application center fee, medical examination fee, police clearance certificate fee.


If required, applicants must give their biometrics. Fingerprints and photos will be taken. Visit this link to learn more about how to give your biometrics. Estimated Cost – $85 Individual, $170 Family.

Standard Processing Time:

The processing times for Open Work Permit applications vary from one country to another. Follow this link to check the processing time for your Country. Applicants may also benefit from two weeks of processing time under the Global Skills Strategy if they meet the eligibility criteria.

Latest Program Updates

IRCC officers are now instructed to process applications under the intra-company transferee Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) exemption under which the applicant has applied. Intra-Company Transferee is a qualified employee who is transferred within a company to work in Canada temporarily.

Check latest Program update.

Historical Program Data

IMP Work Permit Holders In Canada 2014 - 2019

Data Source: Number of International Mobility Programs work permit holders in Canada from 2000 to 2017 IMP work permit holders Canada 2017 | Statista; 2020 Annual Immigration Report & 2019 Annual Immigration Report


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