Federal Skilled Worker Program

The Federal Skilled Worker Program is for skilled workers with foreign work experience who want to immigrate to Canada permanently. Candidates for this program are selected based on their ability to become economically established in Canada through a point-based system. The current pass mark is 67 points out of 100 points. Candidates are ranked based on their profile and put in the express entry pool with other candidates. Draws are held on a regular basis and candidates who meet the minimum cut-off score are issued Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Permanent Residence. If you receive an ITA, you have 60 days to submit your PR application.

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Program Status:

I came to Canada on a Landing Permanent Residency(PR) in June 2018 via the Express Entry system.
Sumanpreet Singh
CEO and Founder

Vision Statement

We want to achieve a state of Immigrating to Canada where we stand tall against the disinformation and aspiring applicants recognize that there is an obvious honest way to immigration to the prosperous landscape of Canada. 

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Sumanpreet Singh

Sumanpreet is a Immigration Technology entrepreneur, with RCIC No. R709596. He has founded multiple technology startups both in India and Canada. He has a laser focused approach on integrating data with the immigration space, so aspiring immigrants can trust real stats of the industry rather than false commitments

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