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We work with a range of channel partners to provide services related to multiple sectors ranging from Real Estate, Mortgage and Insurance, Career Counselling, English Proficiency Coaching, Job Search Preparation, Business Plan Creation for Startups and Networking, others. We capitalize on our relationships with multiple vendors to connect you with the best fit provider. And in areas where we have a strong suit we use are in house team or sister technology companies to get the job done.

types of settlement services we offer​


We specialise in creating business plans and other financial verification packages required for applying to any Entrepreneurial Program Canada wide. Any Provincial or Federal Programs targeting Investors, Entrepreneurs or Business Owners all require a detailed Business Plan and other associated documents to apply.


Creating an effective Resume as per Canadian Employer requirements, creating an impactful LinkedIn Profile and then generating authentic connections to get in front of the right employers in Canada.


Each Job Seeker is unique and we provide a customized service to each client by analysing their profile. Suggesting individual or a package of services they might need to elevate their changes to gain employment in Canada.


We assist you to prepare for upcoming english proficiency exams and help you achieve a desired score for the immigration program you are targeting. Targeting both Academic and General Training exams, we prepare you both offshore and in Canada via Remote tutoring.


We assist you to prepare for any travel plans by planning a desired Itinerary, scheduling flights worldwide, booking hotels and making your journey a safe one for you and your family. 

*We also suggest and apply for the right travel insurance where applicable.


We assist newcomer immigrants to settle inn with ease. Assisting them to first assist them to lease a rental or short term rental and then eventually assisting them to purchase a Real Estate Residential/Commercial as per there preference. 


We connect you with our partners based in Canada to first get an assessment to analyse your profile and then the partner selected assists you in applying for the respective insurances/mortgage requirements.


We connect you with financial institutes or authorised third party vendors to analyse your financial profile to understand your approval chances for getting a Loan or Line of Credit in Canada.

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