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The Stoic Values

Stoic Immigration’s Mission is to battle the Disinformation and Ghost Agents in the Immigration Industry.

All our efforts are directed towards fighting against the mindset of, “you can buy a Job or buy your way” into Immigrating to Canada.

We allocate only Active RCIC’s(Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants) to do your filing process end to end.



Our first and foremost goal is to show you each step of the process and give you a data oriented assessment to suggest chances of approval under your selected immigration program.



We never go back on our commitment. You can count on the Stoics for that.



We will only take your case if we think it is a high possibility for you coming to Canada. This analysis is done based on past program data. We do not make any false commitments.

We say NO, where we don’t think you have a chance.

the team

We are the Stoics! Our team comprises on hardworking, efficient professionals who deliver on time and with a high quality of work. We devote our time to understand your current profile, check the best possible route for you and only then say YES to signing you on as a client. 

Sumanpreet Singh

Founder - Stoic Immigration Inc. RCIC #R709596

Sumanpreet is a Immigration Technology entrepreneur, with RCIC No. R709596. He has founded multiple technology startups both in India and Canada. He has a laser focussed approach on integrating data with the immigration space, so aspiring immigrants can trust real stats of the industry rather than false commitments.

Sushil Nagar

RCIC (Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant) - R534903

Sushil is a Registered Canadian Immigration Consultant associated with Stoic Immigration. He has been in the industry for the 3+ years and had a deep understanding of multiple routes to you take to immigrate to Canada. He believes in the stoic principles and wants to provide transparent immigration to Canada.

Why Hire an RCIC?

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Stoic Immigration is an immigration consultancy based in Toronto, Canada. We believe in providing transparent immigration. Our ethos is rooted in providing dedicated service to our clients and helping them to successfully immigrate to multiple parts of the world. The foundational structure of the company is built on the philosophy of Stoicism. 

We adapt this ancient philosophy to the current modern world we live in. Being a Stoic means to apply “the resilience and courage it takes to endure hardship. The understanding of what is really blocking your success and what a person’s moral principles should be to achieve real happiness”

These are the four qualities that I envision:

  • Focus on the factors you have control upon and capitalize them. 
  • Turn obstacles into opportunities and be resilient.
  • Tackle unkindness with Kindness. 
  • Come to terms with your worst fears and eventually beat them.

We work on the same principles with each client, 

Begin your journey with the Stoics today.

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