The Transparent Accountable Ethical Data-Driven
Immigration Firm

We are a team of Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants striving to create an Immigration-Tech platform to provide complete transparency for our clients.

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The Transparent Accountable Ethical Data-Driven
Immigration Firm

We believe in 100% transparency, and show you each step of your file processing.

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Our Mission

Stoic Immigration’s Mission is to battle the Disinformation and Ghost Agents in the Immigration Industry.

All our efforts are directed towards fighting against the mindset of, “you can buy a Job or buy your way” into Immigrating to Canada.

We allocate only Active RCIC’s(Registered Canadian Immigration Consultants) to do your filing process end to end.



Our first and foremost goal is to show you each step of the process and give you a data oriented assessment to suggest chances of approval under your selected immigration program.



We never go back on our commitment. You can count on the Stoics for that.



We will only take your case if we think it is a high possibility for you coming to Canada. This analysis is done based on past program data. We do not make any false commitments.

We say NO, where we don’t think you have a chance.

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Our Key Services

Our expertise lies in providing comprehensive services for Business Immigration & International Mobility, including assistance with reconsiderations & rejections, as well as navigating the intricacies of Labor Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs). Trust us to guide you through the complexities of these processes.

Business Immigration & International Mobility

Canada's business immigration and international mobility programs attract global entrepreneurs, investors, and skilled professionals. These initiatives encourage economic growth, foster innovation, and facilitate the exchange of talent and expertise, contributing to Canada's vibrant and diverse business landscape.

Reconsiderations & Rejections

In Canada, the process of reconsiderations and rejections allows individuals to seek a review of immigration decisions. This ensures fairness, transparency, and the opportunity for applicants to address concerns and present additional information for a fair determination of their immigration status.

Work Permit & Labor Market Impact Assessments [LMIA]

In Canada, work permits and Labor Market Impact Assessments (LMIAs) are essential for temporary foreign workers. Work permits authorize individuals to work legally in Canada, while LMIAs assess the impact of hiring foreign workers on the Canadian labor market, ensuring Canadian job opportunities are prioritized.


Healthcare immigration strengthens healthcare systems by filling workforce gaps, promoting cultural diversity, and improving the quality of care. Effective regulation is essential to ensure fairness and ethical practices.


Technology immigration in Canada fuels innovation and economic growth. Skilled tech professionals are welcomed to address industry demands, contribute expertise, and collaborate with local talent. Canada's supportive policies attract top tech talent, fostering a thriving technology ecosystem for the country's prosperity.

Full-time/seasonal workers

Full-time/seasonal workers in Canada play a crucial role in industries such as agriculture, tourism, and construction. They contribute to economic growth, support seasonal demands, and often fill positions that require specialized skills or labor during specific times of the year.

Our Domains

We Work With A Variety of Industries, But Primarily Focus On The Health Care, Technology, And The Temporary Staffing Industries.

Vision Statement

We want to achieve a state of Immigrating to Canada where we stand tall against the disinformation and aspiring applicants recognize that there is an obvious honest way to immigration to the prosperous landscape of Canada. 

We are achieving this by creating an easy to use and Data-Driven International Recruiting Platform.

Backed Up By Data

Our Testimonials

Meet the Founder

Sumanpreet Singh

Sumanpreet is a Immigration Technology entrepreneur, with RCIC No. R709596. He has founded multiple technology startups both in India and Canada. He has a laser focused approach on integrating data with the immigration space, so aspiring immigrants can trust real stats of the industry rather than false commitments

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